Tips for Tapping into your Inner Creative Advisor


In the thick of a challenge it’s easy to forget you have the best, most informed ally in your own back pocket – your inner creative advisor. Not only does this advisor know you better than anyone else, but understands the deepest, rawest, real-est parts of you and the tricks you use to avoid feeling certain things. So while objective insight from others you trust is absolutely enlightening, do you still struggle with trusting your own insight, first?


By my definition, the term inner creative advisor can also be known as your inner guidance, spirit, intuition, creative spark or whatever you identify with most as your source of inner clarity. It’s the tool you use to see if something “feels” right, empowering or like an energizing choice. A creative advisor also let’s you know when something is simply not a fit or seems “off”.


Over time you can forget it’s there, decide not to trust it because you’ve gotten hurt when “listened” to it in the past, or not realize your advisor has been blocked out altogether because of the external “noise” and pressures of living life around other people and their demands on you.


Your inner creative advisor tool is strongest and most powerful when you can get your ego to step aside. Given how sneaky the ego can be, it can help to have a heads-up on some of it’s tricks.

Clues that your Ego, Not your Advisor, is Calling the Shots

  • Your creative flow comes to a screeching halt, as the mind gets in the way and gets you over-thinking every angle and possibility as your anxiety grows.
  • The only excuse you can come up with as to why your choice or inner guidance is not a good idea is that it’s “just not practical”.
  • There is a physical pain in your body that shows up suddenly and has no real medical cause, but it serves as a great distraction.
  • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t way of thinking keeps you from making a decision or choosing a course of action.
  • You feel physically drained, tired and uninspired in all areas of your life as your ego keeps you convinced you have no choices.
  • You keep distracting yourself with other “stuff”.
  • It seems like everything and everyone is out to get you.


When mixed with the complications of everyday life, the ego’s tricks can seem like they are just part of the mix. That’s why you need a little check-in to help hit the reset button and clear out the ego debris, reconnecting to your inner creative advisor with more clarity.

Some Simple Suggestions for an Ego Reset so you Can More Clearly Hear your Inner Creative Advisor 

  • Journal, meditate, do yoga, exercise, make something — whatever gets you into your body and quiets your mind. Then check back in on the same challenge to see if your inner guidance comes in more clearly, free of static or doubt.
  • Break out the mind map! People often use it for a strategy to map out a project or big idea, but why not use it to flush out all possible scenarios of a choice? Then you can see more clearly where your inner advisor is guiding you through a challenge.
  • Ask yourself, “Would the world end if I released “X” or did “X”?” See how your body feels when you ask. You will feel relief, anxiety or any other range of emotions, just pay attention. It’s more information and insight about what’s right for you right now.


In life we are all faced with the same choice – to do something different or stay the course we are already charting. While advice from other’s can shed new light on where you are or reveal an angle you haven’t considered, other people’s opinions are just additional information to consider (or not) when connecting with the truth of your inner creative advisor for the most heart-felt, soul-guided choice.