The Throat Chakra: Honest Self-Expression and Active Listening Shapes Creative Confidence

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The throat chakra represents how we fine tune and express our unique ideas and creative voice outwardly. Guided by the heart chakra before it, our voice encompasses more than what we want to say – it includes what we are guided to say intuitively (inner voice), as well as what we are afraid to say to others out of fear of rejection, criticism or “being wrong”.


In this way, the throat chakra acts as a gatekeeper, balancing our true voice with the perceived “cost” of expressing it.


When balanced, this energy center enables us to freely express ourselves, while respecting the voice of others at the same time. It also allows us to take our thoughts and communicate them naturally with purpose, love and creativity.


Connecting the Physical with Creative Inspiration of the Higher Self


creative, creativity, higher self, throat chakra


As I mentioned in the heart chakra post last week, the heart acts as a bridge by tying together the lower energy centers focused on “matter”, and connecting them with the chakras focused on spirit or higher consciousness. This makes the throat chakra the first “higher consciousness chakra”, and 5th overall.


In essence, the four chakras before it serve as tools for us to “purify” a message or communication before deciding to express it outwardly. In many ways, the throat chakra is as much about our creative voice and expressing thoughts, as it is about listening to the “inner voice” that guides us at all times.


When we can combine the power of these two elements, we are truly calling on and using the full power of the throat chakra.


Throat Chakra, Interrupted


Communicating feelings and dreams with honesty can make us feel vulnerable, and often we shut down our own voice without even realizing it. Learned patterns from family, survival mechanisms or previous perceived hurts can all contribute to a blocked throat chakra. Think of it as the “children should be seen, but not heard” analogy that limits people from showing their true selves with confidence, even after becoming adults.


While each chakra works in tandem with all other chakras, the throat chakra is most closely tied to the second (sacral) chakra – our personal connection to desires, passion and creativity. If the second chakra is imbalanced, the throat chakra is affected and vice versa.


creativity, self expression, throat chakra


Once you realize these two chakras are tightly connected in this way, it’s easier to understand the far reaching impact a disconnection from our true creative selves can have on our ability to express ourselves outwardly. It also explains why we can be proficient in the technical aspects of something, but find it hard to dig in and find our true, unique creative voice and express it with confidence.


On a deeper level, the throat chakra is inviting us to open up to being vulnerable, listen and communicate all aspects of our deepest self to others. Are we ready to be fully open and express our true colors? Or are we going to use a mask to hide true feelings out of fear or lack of confidence?


A simple example of using a “mask” is saying “yes” when one would rather say “no” to preserve a certain outward persona, or when perfectionism keeps someone from doing anything at all, for fear of what others may think of their creativity.


The Throat Chakra Blends Our Unique Creative Light and Heart’s Desires


creativity, self expression, throat chakra, higher self


More than anything else, the throat chakra allows us to practice personal development. It invites us to fine tune our ability to freely express feelings in a way that honors us, while providing a simple way for others to understand us.


Using the throat chakra, we are able to bring clarity and purpose to conversations, personal relationships or work, and integrate heart and mind through the spoken and written word, without compromising our voice or trampling the voice of others. It also gives us the breathing room we need to consider all the information and balance it with our intuitive guidance before we choose communicate, while listening to others with an open mind and heart.


An out of balance chakra can be moving too quickly or too slowly. This is what can happen as a result, as described by Liz Simpson, author of The Book of Chakra Healing.


Too open/spinning too fast: Over-talkative, dogmatic, self-righteous, arrogant

Blocked, slow or sluggish: Holds back from self-expression, unreliable, holds inconsistent views

Balanced: Good communicator, contented, artistically-inspired


Listening to Creative Truth with Confidence and Owning It 


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The throat chakra is the most frequently blocked chakra when it comes to creativity. People believe the negative voices in their head and hearts – that they are not good enough, talented enough or their work has no value – instead of taking the risk, feeling the fear and speaking their truth.


It takes courage to share your true self expression in the world, in all forms. When we actively listen to fear instead of intuition, it can be very confusing to tell which voice is truly guiding creative confidence. The only way to get better at opening the throat chakra is to practice.


The more we put ourselves out there and are willing to be vulnerable, we move past the fear and get information. We see what fits, what we want to create more of, and what needs to fall away in our lives and self-expression. We also get better at not placing blame on ourselves or others when communication does not land as intended.


As a creativity coach and writer, the majority of my own personal development work has been focused on the second and fifth chakras. I spent a long time chasing stability instead of following my creative desires, because I didn’t understand what they were, how to access them, or that I had any right to have them.


For me, writing was always a way to dive into myself via journaling. But for many years, I only wrote as the voice of others professionally. Being good at the technical aspects of writing for someone else, is not the same thing as sharing your deepest desires and true creative self in the world. Now that I understand what this means for me personally, I love supporting others as they move along their own creative journey of self-discovery.


We express ourselves, bump up against challenges, hit fears, hot buttons and push-back – it’s all part of the human experience. Yet, we don’t always understand that what we have to say is truly valuable; that every voice has weight. This is why I’m so passionate about my creativity coaching and intuitive work. I get to help someone give birth to who they really are on the inside and speak their truth, so everyone else gets to experience the masterpiece they truly are in every way, no rules or perfection required.


How are you actively stepping into or exploring your fullest expression right now?


For extra support on balancing the throat chakra, here are some suggestions for yoga poses and tips on how to work with crystals or stones. You can also journal feelings day to day, sing to yourself, and be mindful of how posture constricts the voice. Here’s a mantra to work with in order to expand and balance the energy of self-expression:


“I delight in my self-expression in all of my creative pursuits”. 


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Photo credit: Throat chakra flower – Eddi van W, Higher Self – Alice Popkorn Child Superhero – Chris and Karen Highland