Creative Barriers and Self-Perception

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Your self-perception is the most powerful tool you have to work through creative barriers.


What you think of yourself cracks open your heart or shrinks it – empowers you or defeats you before you even start your day.


How you interpret your strengths, weaknesses, good deeds or failures also influence your ability to see clearly, hear the truth about yourself and act in alignment with your natural essence.


When there’s a disconnect between what you think you should see and what is, you judge. If you are uncomfortable or feel lost, it can dull your inner light and desire to thrive. At times when creative barriers seem bigger than your ability to climb over them it’s easy to give up on yourself.


While these thoughts are a common human experience, you don’t have to get stuck in them.


Every single day (if not, moment by moment) – you do have the power to actively choose how you are going to see yourself and abilities and expand your sense-of-self.


Self-Care is the Best Way to Nurture Self-Perception and Side-Step Victimhood 


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If you were going to tune in right now, what words would you use to describe yourself? Are you supportive of what you need? Or are you always waiting for a better time to rest, take a risk or move towards what makes you happy?


Next time you slip into victimhood or feel down on yourself, sit with the power of your thoughts to get to the root of your self-perception vibe:


  • What messages are you telling yourself?
  • Are you ignoring self care?
  • Are you putting yourself last or avoiding something that would set you free from a person, idea or pattern from the past?
  • Do you feel your self worth depends on accomplishments rather than just being present and appreciating what you bring to the world, just by being your natural self in all you do?
  • Are you looking for approval from others before you see value in yourself?


The ability to see the truth around what’s working well and what needs growth or a little polish takes commitment. If you are ready to smash through the barriers that keep you small, stuck or feeling less than, you are one step closer to truly shining.


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How can you tell when creative barriers are getting the best of you, or when you are slipping into “victim-mode”? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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