Happy Summer Solstice

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Hello there and happy summer solstice! 


I’ve just returned from a week long trip to Portland, OR grabbing a dose of fresh creativity, fun, and great food. Spending some quality time at the beach was such a treat – especially as a land-locked Coloradoan. While the energy of the mountains has it’s own brand of peace, I truly appreciate watching the flow of the waves as they build, crest and crash, sharing a rhythmic healing unique to the ocean. I have not been to a Pacific Northwest beach before, and driving through the beautiful forest to get there was like having a treat before dessert. 


This picture was taken in Astoria at the beach where they filmed parts of The Goonies movie. You may recognize the metal structure as a shipwreck featured in the film. 


beach, goonies movie, Astoria, Oregon


But, back to the Solstice! In the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating more light. It offers us a unique opportunity to connect with our inner sun (the solar plexus), let more light within, and focus on what’s residing there. Do you need more, deeper connection to self? Is your self-confidence in a good space, or growing? How are you digesting what the world is throwing at you right now? What areas can shift to support greater self-care or self-love? 


If you happen to be in the southern hemisphere, you still have light to celebrate! While the experience is not about the brightness or intensity, it can certainly be about ways to increase the light of your inner sun to illuminate the way through longer nights and chillier temperatures. 


And lastly, sorry about missing the regular Monday post without warning due to my vacation! My hope is you take a little time to reflect on the ways you are shining (or not), then mindfully, and heartfully, work with what that insight reveals for you and your inner transformational path. 


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