Crown Chakra: Creative Infinity and Rebirth

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The crown chakra is our connection to cosmic energy and creative inspiration beyond what we can “see” in reality. When we awaken this chakra located at the top of our head, we become one with the divine, opening a gateway that connects us to higher dimensions, expansive insights and an experience of pure joy without judgment or expectations.


We also connect with a sense of peace and calm. We feel an inner knowing that as creative beings, we can play with what’s possible over and over again to build a new dream, thought or experience and go into the “unknown” to find it, without being afraid. In fact, this dark “nothingness” available through the crown chakra is where the seeds of creative potential reside, waiting for us to connect to and expand them, not control them.


As we reach up towards the crown in our energetic chakra alignment, we shift perception and understanding in a way that allows us to see with fresh eyes and heart – and puts us at the beginning of a new creative flow once again.


This flow of energy illuminates the most powerful aspect of the crown chakra, the invitation to experience creative infinity.


The Stepping Stones of Chakra Flow and Ongoing Creative Transformation


The journey our energy takes through the chakras provides the opportunity for constant growth, inner learning, stronger connection with others through our unique gifts and, ultimately, a way to connect with infinite creative possibilities.


crown chakra, creativity, self expression


When the crown chakra is open and tuned in, we can be in a consistent state of creative awe and mindful transformation through present moment awareness. Each little microshift of inner knowing reminds us that at heart, we are creative souls. While it’s not always obvious, these little steps of “knowing” lead to the light-bulb moments that seem out of the blue, but show up as a culmination of small “awarenesses” we’ve been building all along.


In this way, the crown chakra represents creative infinity at work. It’s influenced by the alignment of all the previous chakras like “stepping stones”, allowing a full expression of self through the crown chakra.


When all of the chakras are aligned, it’s also possible to trigger a release of kundalini, our raw, creative feminine essence and potential that allows us to live a fuller expression of the divine in our physical body.


Once we understand our own energetic flow and personal patterns, we can live in the dark space of not knowing, embracing the continual unfolding of new experiences. It allows us to realize, transform and expand a creative opportunity, then start again from a new place of realization as part of a constant evolution of the creative self.


Living From a Space of Creative Joy and Expansion


creativity, crown chakra


Moving through this chakra series may leave you with one burning question – why is this important? Why is balancing my energy and connecting with my higher self so important for creative self expression?


Simply put, it helps you blend success and creative divine guidance into life.


When the crown chakra is open and aligned with the 6 balanced core chakras before it, we begin to truly accept who we are from the inside out, and release the picture of what we are not physically, emotionally, mentally or creatively. It enables us to operate from a place of detachment to specific outcomes, as we begin to trust our higher self will always intuitively guide us and provide a new creative path or idea to explore.


As we all practice living from a place of more mindfulness and tuning into our inner guidance, we can be OK with surrendering to the creative flow that always waxes and wanes. We can step out of an ego-based life and trust that who and what we are is beautiful and creative in every way, always.


Practicing Energetic Alignment to Experience Rebirth, Everyday


As a concept, the alignment of each individual chakra enables them to work more effectively as a comprehensive clear energetic pathway, providing access to the full power of the crown chakra and our expansive creative potential. However, it takes mindfulness steps to ground ourselves while reaching towards these higher levels of divine guidance.


Even the most guided and intuitive among us practice balancing the chakras each day, tuning into what needs love, adjustment, calming or a bit of creative fire.


creative, creativity, chakra alignment


Here are some simple ways to build awareness and stronger personal energetic practices for creative expansion:


An out of balance crown chakra can be moving too quickly or too slowly. This is what can happen when the crown chakra is imbalanced, according to The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson:


Too open (spins too fast): Psychotic or manic depressive, confused sexual expression, frustration, sense of unrealized power

Blocked or slow: Constantly exhausted, can’t make decisions, no sense of “belonging”

Balanced: Magnetic personality, achieves “miracles” in life, at peace with oneself


For extra support in balancing the crown chakra, here are some suggestions for yoga poses and tips on how to work with crystals or stones.


You can also practice working with a specific mantra for open the crown and bring more awareness to limiting thought patterns:


“I cease to limit my intellect or creativity and choose to connect with my higher self to embrace all of who I am.”


Personally, I find crafting a daily practice that blends physical movement, soft relaxing music, aromatherapy and time for reflection or meditation is helps me clear and balance my crown chakra. I spread these elements throughout the day so I’m getting a bit here are there, rather than treating it like a to-do. I simply listen to my intuition and tap into what I need in the moment, then pull from these simple tools.


This concludes my series on the 7 core chakras and how they impact creative self expression. My hope is that by working through the gift of each chakra and what we can learn about ourselves, we see how each one deeply influences our perception of self, our capabilities and potential for self-love. Then we can use the chakras as a guide to continue to shift, heal and inspire each other through our unique creative gifts.


How do you connect with creative inspiration in the everyday through the crown chakra?


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