Using Resistance as a Creative Navigation Tool

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It’s easy to notice resistance energy.


Resistance energy is uncomfortable. Sticky. Unpleasant. Cumbersome. Like you are pushing against the tide and giving it all you’ve got.


It can also show up as a sense of not knowing what to do next once creative efforts or “money moves” aren’t catching fire as expected.


What’s NOT so easy to notice is a path to understanding and dismantling resistance into its core parts, so you can leverage it as a navigation tool to create differently. Yet, that’s exactly why it’s there.


Maybe your mindset needs to shift, or something you’ve been holding onto tightly is ready to be released. Perhaps there’s a relationship that’s lopsided in terms of effort, or an old pattern that wants your attention for healing in your mind, body and spirit.


It’s also easy to get stuck in routines and old behaviors, rather than pushing through the initial resistance to establish fresh, healthy goals and self-care habits.


In the big scheme of things, the “what” doesn’t matter as much as being open to seeing resistance as one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox – when used creatively. Resistance forces you to move beyond the mindset and structures you’ve already created, inviting you to step into the creative unknown and play with unexplored possibilities. 


Gain Clarity, Then Break Free From Resistance 


When you sense resistance you have two choices – push through the resistance feeling to keep up momentum, or, take a breather, tune into the heart, and listen to get a clearer intuitive insight of the path forward. Neither are wrong, but it’s easy to mix up the order of these choices and how we apply them.


For example, lifestyle change can be hard, especially when it comes to reshaping old unsupportive habits, switching up an exercise routine, diet, and overall self-care. In these cases, pushing forward into the resistance (and sticking with it) helps you move beyond what’s keeping you stuck, and propel you into creating the new.


In other situations, resistance is trying to tell you something different. Maybe the direction you are forcing is not for your best, which is why it feels so hard. It could also be your approach to a project or idea needs a little finesse, or the timing is not ideal.


These are just a few examples of resistance that can cause frustration, but are also a natural creative pause that acts as a cue to dig deeper; to ask more questions. When you do, you’re guided towards intuitive action that will help you match mindful steps with targeted effort, pair it with patience, and tune into the energy of what’s present right now as the best path forward.


Here are a few sample questions to get you started:


  • What’s more important – doing things in the same way and putting in more concentrated effort?
    Or changing your perspective and attitude towards how you think about what you are doing?


  • Am I receiving guidance through resistance to pursue another path?


  • Is there something I missed or forgot that’s essential for successful forward momentum?


  • Are there additional resources available now to make progress more powerful?


  • Can I open up to accepting that resistance is present, and be OK without taking any action right now? 


When you take a step back and get grounded with some meditation or exercise before asking these questions, it helps set the stage for clearer, more meaningful inquiry that resonates with what your heart wants next.


And remember, when dealing with resistance it’s important not to leave your old pals trust and faith waving to you from the sidelines. Use them as part of your inner guidance system to move forward in a way that supports growth and expansion, while you wade through the murky veil of resistance energy bit by bit. 


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