Uncertainty Paired With Acceptance Creates Personal Empowerment

The vibe in the air feels crackly and unstable right now, for various reasons, which makes it critical to remember – uncertainty paired with acceptance creates personal empowerment.

Now, go back and read that intro again… let it really sink in. It’s a sentiment that can feel completely untrue in our day to day lives as the twists and turns pile up. Simultaneously, it’s what makes it imperative for this sentiment to land in the mind and heart; for it to sit there, melt in and stick.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say yes, uncertainty is tiring. Overwhelming. Drains creative inspiration. Sends me in mental circles while also making me feel more stuck. Creates a feeling of being ungrounded and disempowered to change any of it, or feel any sense of control over the circumstances, outcome or general comfort level. It’s like being forced to watch a movie I already know I don’t like, and have no choice but to watch and experience every moment at a deep personal level.

Totally get it, and agree. Here we are, a collective of people all around the world feeling uncertain and disempowered, a vibe that does nothing to help change things. However, it serves as an opportunity for us to relate and connect with our human-ness in very important, powerful ways while staying present with ourselves, emotions and physical body – essential practices to create balance in the times ahead.

Feelings of Disconnect Are Nothing New, Just Not As Easy to Ignore

People who feel unseen, unheard or “other”, no matter the reasons, already feel disconnected – all the time. Communities in war torn countries experience ungrounded, uncertain energy each and every day, as did slaves, as do refugees, and so many more communities I’m failing to mention here. And they all still have to find a way to actually live and thrive as best they can within the context of it all as it endlessly shifts and changes.

Yet, there’s a nuance to the 2020 experience that’s entirely different than what we are used to as a global community. The earth is talking back through climate change, rough weather and fires. Resources are no longer replenishable in the same ways. There’s a sense of fear, frustration and powerlessness from all corners, and we are unable to depend on something “stable” outside of us for comfort or to “save” us. In addition, technology offers connection and provides new, state-of-the-art connection options to share our truth and find like hearts, while simultaneously creating a space for drama, distraction and hate.

This is truly where uncertainty paired with acceptance creates personal empowerment for us in essential ways during 2020, and beyond. Feeling more empowered is an inside job baby, as it has been all along. We just are being forced to really see and accept it as a reality now, and clear out all the noise we used to see as comforting distractions from the truth.

Circumstances are changing daily. We aren’t sure who to trust, what news sources to believe and understand if, and how, we are potentially being scammed or manipulated. At the same time we need to find strategies to do more than survive or cope, and expand into imagining new creative structures and ways of functioning as a global community. We are being called to take things “beyond borders” to see the whole picture and what we need to survive, and thrive, as a species in the years to come.

It’s also when friends we thought were trustworthy turn out to be terrible and immature, and we realize our outdated coping mechanisms and habits let them in, undetected. At the same time, we finally see, and honor, who’s willing to show up and share support when we are at our most vulnerable and shit is getting real for us personally. These are all essential and critical things to see and understand as we shape a truth path for our growth ahead.

Taking Steps in a New Direction With Clear Vision

There’s going to continue to be a balance of clearing and realization, of releasing and embracing at various levels and times as we move forward into the unknown. The critical aspect here is to make space for accepting what is true for you based on your unique circumstances, personal challenges and outside influences.

What and who needs to stay or go? Where do you find comfort or only distraction? What is a means to fill time and space, but creates no value or worth for you or your heart on a personal level? Are there people, activities and organizations that used to feel fulfilling, but now only leave you feeling empty, blah or irritated?

Time to get clear on who you really are now, no more distortions or distractions. Go inward and be deeply honest with what’s possible given your situation, options and preferences. What are your true boundaries? Can you tell when they are being crossed or overlooked? What simple things offer comfort and stability, even if they aren’t sexy, fast-paced or exciting? Are there health problems you need to face head on that influence how and what is possible moving forward? Is it time to be honest about a relationship that no longer works, or never did?

When we utilize an ongoing presence practice to discover deep personal clarity, we finally begin to see the ways uncertainty paired with acceptance creates personal empowerment for one key reason – it reveals the truth of where our true power lies. It shows us what’s possible, even within limitations, and a way forward that provides grounded, clear actions that honor our truth with every step.

Life is going to continue to flow just as it does, full of surprises that we may love, hate or want to completely ignore. Knowing we are powerful at the most personal, intimate level is what gets us through the next wave of uncertainty as it flows, while preserving our personal essence and truth in mind, heart and action.

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