Piggy Banks and the Art of Being Mindful

  The practice of being mindful is a lot like the experience of getting your first piggy bank as a kid.   No matter what shape, color or type of “bank” you used, it served as a simple symbol of your resources, connecting the concept of being mindful to a tangible physical form.   Sliding the change through the slot, making it a habit, day dreaming about just how much was hiding behind the walls, picking up extra change you found to deliver it safely to your growing l … [Read more...]

Creative Power Lies in Your Personal Practice

At the start of the new year it can feel like you want to change everything at once to kick-start your creative power. The inspiration to change something, anything, is in the air and it can be very intoxicating. So when you feel the urge to switch things up and fuel your creative power, where do you start -- with habits visible to the outside world or by crafting and committing to a new personal practice? While there isn’t a specific magical balance of these two internal/external forces t … [Read more...]