Creative Expression Mirrors the Health of your Personal Power Connection

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Personal power is creative expression in action.  Art, innovation, leadership, healing, cooking – the number of possible expressions is endless and you are free to explore them all.


However, the act of creating is only one step of the whole creation process.


To take an idea into action you must first tap into your personal power, which is deeply affected by how safe, strong and willing  you feel to express yourself. In other words, the quality of what you create is directly connected to your personal power status and the ways you refresh that inner energy.


The personal dynamic you build between these two creative essentials is the key to understanding yourself and your potential. 


As a creativity coach and writer,  I often talk with people who don’t feel creative. It’s hard for them to envision how their linear or left-brained talents offer a grounded and essential connection to personal power, or the ways these talents serve a bigger creative purpose. In essence, they misunderstand how to leverage the power of these gifts to create freely.


On the other hand, people who come from a challenging, non-linear environment know the most important, purest thing is the inner self. Connecting to that personal power fosters a grounded connection in the midst of chaos, and opens up space for creativity and empowered self-expression.


When you don’t feel powerful you don’t feel creative – which is why it’s essential to understand what makes you feel powerful enough to create. 


Understanding What you Need to Feel Grounded and Powerful


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Many people fail to create what’s in their hearts due to fear around being “right”. They often judge an idea before it’s expressed, or build a list of reasons why it’s doomed from the start.


The act of creating often opens up vulnerabilities and the raw emotions and thoughts hidden long ago. These these trapped fears and feelings make creative expression scary or block it altogether, or make you feel like you are forcing a creative direction instead of letting it flow naturally.


What you want to create needs to speak to you, first. Little gut instincts and nudges show up, waiting like seeds of potential ready to be planted. To give them a chance to grow and expand requires your personal power and belief in yourself as you bring them to life. This is where the creative flow finds it’s footing – and opens up the chance for you to process and release old energies that block your inner power.


To get into this space of dynamic flow, it’s important to understand where your inner power comes from and how it gets drained.


  • What makes you feel vulnerable. Why?
  • What makes you feel powerful? Why?
  • Where does your sense of groundedness and inner strength come from?
  • What expectations do have about your own creativity? Do you become overwhelmed or frustrated by the gap between what you want to create and what it is right now?
  • Is there a special way you need to prepare to create from a place of power, including alone time, environment, tools or supplies?
  • How do you deal with change and stay connected to your true self while flowing through it?
  • What distracts you, and how often?
  • Are you connected with a spiritual source or healing practice that helps recharge you from the inside out?


These questions offer a glimpse at how inner balance and learning are an infinite loop within you. The answers will also reveal what you need to own, release or step into to strengthen personal power.


Connect With your Personal Power Center Daily for Expanded Creative Expression


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The solar plexus is located in the abdomen right around the belly button. It’s known as your power center; your inner sun. It represents self-esteem, personal power and the ability to digest and express your deepest truths.


To get connected to the true creative voice within, make an effort to tap into this area of the physical body and do things that support and feed the personal power chakra daily.


Create a “power list” as a solid starting point. A power list includes three things you must have in your day to feel grounded and connected to the power center. Here are my three:


  • Exercise – yoga, walking, biking
  • Time alone to meditate, read, journal and get grounded
  • Time to connect with animal energy in nature or with my kitties


Be sure to post your list somewhere easily visible. When life gets challenging, remember to stick to what you need and the boundaries you’ve created to support personal power needs from the inside, out.


There is no “normal way to be creative, there’s just what feels supportive for you and your sense of personal power as it expands. The more you look at where creativity feels stunted or closed off, the clearer you get on ways to feed and strengthen personal power.


What are ways you tap into your creative power center every day? 


Looking for an extra set of ears to listen and help you get stuck? Connect with me for a creativity coaching session or intuitive reading. Want to read similar posts on Creative Katrina? Check out How What-if’s Slash Creative Confidence and What to Do About It or Creative Confidence, Rejection and How they Inspire Each Other. Is listening more your style? Tune into my podcast, Flirting with Enlightenment for tips on how to tune into your inner wisdom.