Aligning With Your Inner Truth Empowers You to Be a Living Expression of Creativity

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Aligning with your inner truth calls for a moment to moment commitment to honesty, release, embracing what is and loving yourself – no matter how things appear. It’s being the living embodiment of “flow” and acting as a living creative expression in motion.


In every sense, aligning with your inner truth is a commitment, as you resonate with what you believe in your heart to be true. When you are in the midst of deep change or transformation, it takes dedication to stand up, again and again; to be honest with yourself and what you see as true for you.


Then, slowly but surely, you weed out everything else and begin to stand in firm connection with a clear heart, mind and soul, knowing you are living in integrity with your truth and what you want to set out to create, starting now. 


I’m sure it has not escaped you that this week starts out with a focus on love for Valentine’s Day. Take this time to think about what love really means to you and how it connects you to the people in your life, the path you are on, to the things you create or are afraid to try to create. Also challenge yourself to really feel into the fact you are pure love just as you are, right now.


This level of deep honesty clears the way to what you really yearn for – the freedom to be yourself, love what you see and create with a full heart.


During this week, practice tuning into your inner self and expanding into more love by focusing on the edges of where truth and fear meet.


  • Own the places where you are raw and need to let go. Be gentle with yourself as you process your feelings, step by step.
  • Accept the parts of you that seem unloveable, broken, bruised or lost, and give them extra attention through self-care.
  • See and focus on the beauty in the madness, the bright light shining through the cracks of old, outdated patterns and structures.
  • Embrace where you know you shine, and shine brighter as a heart-centered acknowledgement to yourself and to serve as a light for others.
  • Move beyond thinking of changing and create change by following through on one new actionable thought or desire.
  • Make a special effort to see and express gratitude for the beauty in the world – behind what you perceive as an ugly facade or drama.
  • Create something you can be proud of, like a meal, gift, an inner commitment or reconnect with an old hobby or project.


Wishing you a week of love, joy and creative inspiration as you dive deeper into yourself and the power of aligning with your inner truth to be a living expression of creativity in every aspect of your life.


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