Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Volunteer for a Cause that Speaks to your Heart


It’s easy to get caught up in routines to give your life structure, but creativity has it’s own path and flow, striking when something speaks to your heart. The creative spark isn’t a planned event, but an emotionally engaging one with unique triggers that set your inner fire in motion. So if you are feeling a bit stuck and stale or struggling to get in touch with your inspiration, why not volunteer to expand your heart and fire up a creativity kick-start through volunteering?

Creativity Starts with the Heart Strings 

If you have a cause or organization that already speaks to you, that’s a great place to start. It’s something easy to connect with that you know inspires you and enables you to make a difference in a way that feels meaningful. Personally, I’m a huge animal person so over the years I have donated my time to working hands-on to help rehab wild animals, feed and play with cats at the local no-kill cat shelter and write content to support the marketing efforts of other local animal organizations.

The time I spend with animals or supporting animal-focused organizations not only makes me happy, but allows me to step out of my mind. Connecting with animals requires me to be completely present and open, communicating with them in a way that isn’t necessarily led with words. This allows me to recenter and get back into my body, feeling more balanced and in my “human space” out of my purely “head space”. I also have two cats that make sure I get much needed creative breaks while I work in my home office, using any number of tactics to get my attention from being too serious all the time.

Maybe you like being outdoors and have some handy skills to share, so something like trail maintenance, Habitat for Humanity or something similar that allows you get grab some fresh air would be perfect. The options are endless, and there is always someone who needs help. Just find something that feels fun, not like an obligation.

Creative Inspiration Paired with Community is a Powerful Combination

How often you want to share your time is up to you – there is no magic amount to get creativity flowing effectively. The act of volunteering is about allowing yourself the time and space to reach into and touch what makes you happy, as often as you would like, and feels natural — that is where real creativity is born. You will be surprised how many ideas can start flowing when you get out of your own way and connect to a shared mission with others of like-mind. It’s a truly contagious form of creativity.

So if you are in need of a change, why not volunteer for a cause that speaks to your heart?

Do you currently volunteer for an organization you love? How about supporting friends or neighbors that need a favor or short-term help? Please share your experience and how it contributes to opening your heart and creative inspiration — I would love to know more!

Photo Credit: Snapshooter46