Mindful Ways to Manage Creative Expectations

  It happens to the best of us when we create - the rise of pesky creative expectations!   When tuned into the passion of the creative process and fully engaged, energy is high and we are immersed in building what we envision. Inspiration is flowing and the creative process is organically emergent and natural.   What we might not realize is that we are also adding a few creative expectations to the mix, unconsciously.   For example, we can create art, a … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Refresh Creative Tools

    It's inevitable, the go-to creative tools you call on daily get dull over time. Whether it's meditation, physical exercise, writing prompts, visualizations, brainstorming, walks in nature or hobbies, the initial “punch” these activities offer can start to feel watered down long-term.   Regular use of any tool provides a sense of comfort, and it's easy to fall in step with a common energy pattern that feels stabilizing. However, as you get more familiar with the … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to What’s Served Its Purpose

  The things and experiences in life that shape who we are serve a purpose and are then meant to fall away, giving us room to breathe and expand into something new. At their most powerful they are a pivotal tool or gateway to something better. Then, just like leaves in the fall, these tools and experiences drop off, allowing you to break through and step into a new expression, a new adventure.   While it’s all logical, saying goodbye to something or someone that’s served a pur … [Read more...]