Noticing When Comfort Lulls you into Making Imbalanced Creative Compromises

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To find your rhythm in life and connect with what you feel is your true creative vibe is one of the things we strive for most as human beings.


The search for a truthful process of self-expression that’s real and fulfills the need within you to be heard and truly seen can provide validation that you matter, that your contribution matters to someone, somewhere. This instant jet fuel for the creative spirit is a wonderful motivator and co-conspirator, helping you feel alive and inspired in the moment and beyond.


When you find that groove and ride along with it, eventually there’s a point where you hit familiar road. It begins to feel comfy and snug, like favorite fuzzy slippers or a music playlist where the order of the songs is committed to memory.


Your creative impulse is still working and making things to share in the world, but it feels routine rather than inspired, and sometimes even like a chore to cross off your list.


It can be a challenge to stay present and mindful of what’s flowing towards or away from you, as you’ve unknowingly slipped into cruise control mode, cuddled by a sense of security and contentedness.


This is such a beautiful point along your journey. You’ve built confidence and a bit of clarity. You feel validated and connected to others in new ways. There’s a sense of purpose that brings you a glow of self-accomplishment.


It can also be the point where you start to make imbalanced creative compromises without even realizing it.


Tuning into the Energy of Creative Compromise and What it Can Tell You


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To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with creative compromises, if you are aware you are making them. Compromises are very necessary tools for successful collaboration with others, or when you need to reevaluate your path forward as circumstances, and your desires, change scope.


I’m talking about the more subtle or “mindless” ways you can slide into creative compromise, including:


  • Letting things slide into a routine without feeling connected to what you are creating
  • Continuing to do or create something because other people want you to, but you no longer resonate with it
  • Feeling drained after a creative activity, group meeting or personal interaction, but keep attending them anyway without checking in as to what’s really going on
  • Doing the “easy” thing because you know it will get “likes” and “hits” on social media, rather than digging deeper to share a bit of your creatively evolving self
  • Distract yourself from the distinct intuitive hits you are receiving to try something new, because it will be work to figure out how to do it, and put you back in a space of vulnerability


Given that it’s not always easy to spot when you are indulging in imbalanced creative compromise, it’s empowering (and enlightening) to ask yourself a few questions at the beginning of each new month.


Here’s a way to check in on your overall vibe and where imbalanced creative compromise may be sneaking in:


  • What’s next along my path or in my work? What do I feel drawn to do to infuse new energy into what I do?
  • What do I want to keep doing because it feels creatively fulfilling?
  • What can go on the back burner for a while or be released?
  • Are there health or relationship changes I need to make to keep me focused on creating new things, rather than becoming complacent?
  • What is one creative risk I want to take this month?


Being present with your evolving creative self is why you are here. You get to choose how awake you want to be along the ride, vs. letting imbalanced creative compromises run the show.


What are you going to choose this week?


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Photo credit, heart: James Jordan