Explore and Define What Keeps You Rooted in the Present and Within Yourself

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What keeps you rooted in the present and within yourself?


Do you have a clear path of consistent self-care, support tools, habits, creative expression? Are you connected with a community that acts as a support system and aligns your basic human needs and well-being? Do you know beyond a doubt that no matter what, you are loved, and things will be OK? If not, the world is providing a really big opportunity for you to explore all of these dynamics starting right now. 


As we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, there’s no specific, unilateral definition of what it means to be OK. Each person has unique triggers, fears, experiences and desires that all play into how we individually deal with the present moment, manage self-care and express our thoughts and hearts. What works for you may make me feel unsettled, and what makes me feel off balance or afraid, might not bother you at all. The pandemic is a universal experience with individual nuances that impact each of us differently – and is bringing very real, systemic world problems to the surface for re-evaluation and desperately needed change.


With these very critical issues coming to light for exposure and healing, it can feel like a lot all at once. What was already a rough first half of the year is still very much in a state of upheaval and change. What is no longer working, and what will no longer be tolerated, is finally being given a voice – and it’s way overdue! The range of emotions we are each feeling is engaged much more than usual as well, which can cause you to disconnect from what keeps you rooted in the present – and within the truth of yourself. 


Understand How to Support Your Unique Voice and Nervous System Needs Right Now


Current events and circumstances are invoking all types of feelings – confusion, anger, frustration, loss of control – just to name a few. ALL VALID. However, when the nervous system is completely overwhelmed, connecting with and practicing behaviors that soothe it while staying rooted in our truth can be challenging. Taking a walk and calling it good may no longer work as the only calming self care practice. Ranting your thoughts and feelings on social media for the sake of ranting does not provide the release or traction towards change that you were hoping, and entangles you with the energies of everyone else ranting. 


Does it mean you should not express yourself in a way that resonates with you? Of course not. But HOW you do things might be due for a self care upgrade to balance out the unusual intensity of these times. 


Being mindful of the way you take care of yourself right now IS critical and essential to the changes you want to see in the world moving forward. Regularly connecting with those spaces of deep presence and honest, authentic self expression are what give a clear voice to what you feel and want to say personally and creatively. It’s important to express whatever you are feeling in a safe space and way that honors you – without dishonoring others. At the same time, creative expression provides a way to move stuck energy and be present while sharing personal feelings in a way that’s empowering, rather than anger-filled or defeated. 


Simple, consistent practices that focus on self-care and creative expression also bring forward new solutions and perspectives that are desperately needed right now. When you allow yourself to act as a “creative channel” to communicate those concepts clearly, you are doing a huge service to the community and the greater world, while ensuring you stay healthy and strong to continue what you and like minds and hearts have started. 


Suggestions for Mindful Expression and Creative Self-Care 


Let me start this section of my blog post by saying I’m not an expert on YOU. I do, however, have some pretty solid personal experience with managing a highly active and attuned nervous system as an intuitive, empath and creative. 


In terms of my own journey I find it’s easy to overthink, catastrophize, become disconnected from my truth, and project way out beyond the present. I’ve worked hard and practiced my processes to honor who I am and what I’ve learned and experienced, to express in a healthy, grounded way that honors who I am, and supports a healthy creative mindset. 


My tools and approach to explore and define what keeps me rooted in the present and within myself include:


  • Scheduling a consistent yoga practice
  • Listening to soft, relaxing, soothing music on YouTube and Spotify 
  • Watching videos by practitioners who share energetic insights and teachings
  • Enjoying Animal images and videos 
  • Crying when I feel like it and letting it pass through me 
  • Yelling into a pillow when I need to express my frustration and anger 
  • Getting out in nature as much as possible – walking, driving, riding my bike 
  • Watching birds and animals pass through my backyard and taking in the sunset each night
  • Participating in the nightly 8 p.m. “wolf howl” in with my fellow Coloradoan’s 
  • Listening to audio meditations on YouTube
  • Keeping informed while offering support for clients and my community 
  • Tracking the limiting or mental tapes replaying in my head and replacing them with something neutral or supportive  


We are in unprecedented times. No matter how you choose to switch up or add to your regular routine, mindful expression and self care are essential right now – for all the reasons. Build a fresh, new routine and keep changing it up as needed to express yourself, creative voice, honor complex feelings, and feel rooted in the truth of who you are in every way. Now is the time to be true and express from the heart without shame, fear, ego – pretending to be someone you simply are not. Time to make what keeps you rooted in the present and yourself a priority. The rest of us are counting on your honest self expression and self-care!  


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