Appreciation, Creative Inspiration and Seeing With the Heart

appreciation, creativity, new year, white flower, peace, love, inspiration

As we all close out 2016 in our own way, it’s easy to think about the creative “to-do’s” or physical accomplishments that have come to pass. They serve as concrete markers of our efforts and the goals we set out to meet. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t enjoy seeing a physical path to creative expression and accomplishment? It always inspires a reason to celebrate and connect with a feeling of appreciation!


At the same time, it’s also easy to slip into thinking about what me missed out on, who has passed on, or get lost in the fear and negativity hanging around us as we embark on a new year. 


The last week of the year has always has a bit of a “suspended energy” vibe. We are in a space of what’s transpired, what’s next, and all the feelings that come with it – all mixed together. 


Not exactly an easy energetic to find grounded clarity and presence or to step into deeper appreciation of what is!


However, it does offer a great opportunity to process and shift our perceptions to prepare for the new, and crack our heart open just a bit more. 


This week, I invite you to focus on what you’ve learned, gained or understood on a deeper level at this point in your life. What old patterns keep rearing up? Is self-judgement present all the time? What new approaches can bring you into improved awareness of self-care needs or a deeper, most honest self-expression? 


Also contemplate happy, unexpected surprises. Receive an unexpected gift? Reach a new level of clarity that created peace in the heart? Find a new level of self-honesty that sparked a new creative idea or path unexpectedly?


More importantly, be like a bird and soar overhead to see the bigger truth of what is through a loving heart, instead of through expectations, past hurts or fear. Been there, done that, try something different!


There are lots of ways to take the experiences of this year and turn them into creative inspiration for 2017. Willing to go within and mine them? 


I want to thank all of my readers, connections and clients! My hope is that these blog posts offered a little inspiration, motivation and creative reflection. So much appreciation to you all! Cheers!