The Bliss of Options and the Power of Choice

Strawberries on a plate

Being “stuck” with the perception of limited choices is what makes us feel trapped and uncreative, like trudging through life instead of living in a way feels supportive and like we “going somewhere”. But what if having too many choices has the exact same effect? What if several competing options on the table only minimizes the creative impact and traction you want because attentions are scattered and competing with each other?

At a time when we all feel like we need to “up” our game to carve out a niche for ourselves, especially as the economy continues to transform, it can seem like having as many options as possible will soothe our minds and increase chances of personal and professional success. In truth, having a bevy of opportunities is only as good as the quality of those opportunities, based on how they fit into your creative flow and jive with personal values.

People often forget this important self-evaluation step because their choices are driven by fear there won’t be enough or because they are too scared to follow their heart completely. It’s not always conscious, but there may be a very specific effort on their part to avoid seeing the truth because that would mean they need to really look at themselves and risk shattering their own perceptions about everything.

I’m not saying it’s easy to dig deep —  there are many distractions and fears that can bubble up that create a strong sense of vulnerability, but it’s important to have a clear sense of where you stand with yourself in order to make choices that feel authentic and empowering.

Entrepreneurs do this quite a bit because we love the potential of something —  planting the seeds to create new, innovative possibilities. It’s just that personally fulfilling growth and success takes so much more than watering them once and a while, which is usually what happens when creative energy is scattered in ever corner of a “potentials” garden.

Option vs Opportunity and the Rocket Fuel of Inner Knowing

I think of an “option” as something I can do if I need to in order to meet my base physical or financial needs or when I’m creatively thinking of ways to deal with less than stellar circumstances. It’s like being on a road trip and choosing between a bunch of chain restaurants. All of them have something you could eat if you needed sustenance and were out of snacks, but none seem all that appealing overall so you just choose anything without any real thought. The other option is to drive a bit further to see if something else shows up in the next town that sounds yummy and is a clear, positive choice that will keep you on the road with enthusiasm.

The real power is in choosing an opportunity; something you can truthfully assess HOW and WHY you connect with it at a mind, body and soul level. Without the rocket fuel of clear inner knowing, something that seems like an opportunity is really just an option like everything else. And if your space is cluttered with options, it doesn’t leave much room for an opportunity to really take root and grow into something sustaining and fulfilling.

So how you know if something is and feels right for you? Feel it in your gut? Sense a lightness in your body? Have a rush of adrenaline? For me its a flutter that flows through me, head to toe, letting me know I’m on the right track. If I feel nothing at all, I need to reassess some fears or blocks or release the option all together to make room for the real opportunity that may show up at any minute.

When lots of potentials how up in your life, how do you choose?

Photo by scarygami