Rituals Make You a Better Person

As the cold weather creeps into Colorado, the smell of damp leaves and chill in the air gives me a feeling of going back to school. It happens every year, without fail.

Since I have stopped taking the yellow school bus and ditched the boring math classes, I still find the need to settle into a routine to carry me through the chillier months. It helps me get grounded, focused and feel directed, just like going back to school used to be in the fall.

With no teachers to set the ground rules or children to shuttle off to school, people can sometimes start to feel as scattered as the leaves blowing in the wind. Its important to create a ritual that is easy to stick to at any time of day, and make it a habit.

It’s OK to be Selfish Sometimes

However, many people feel this act is a selfish one, especially if they are self-employed. They are often compelled to plop themselves in front of the computer to feel like they are busy and accomplishing something, even if its just to distract themselves from their own thoughts.

Hey, I get it. With pending deadlines sometimes there is no choice but to get started right away. On the flip side, creating planned time for yourself on a regular basis makes that special time into a “ritual” just for you. In reality, it should be something as important as brushing your teeth, eating your dinner or caring for your family.

By establishing a ritual all about you, you are choosing to be selfish in a way that benefits the greater good. With a centered heart and mind, you are more likely to feel honored, cherished and special, and more willing to extend that part of you to others in your life.

Developing the Ritual

What has worked for me the last few months is to carve out morning meditation time. Even if its only for 15 to 20 minutes, it has helped me feel more grounded and clear before I get into the daily grind. Is this earth shattering in terms of originality? No. But it HAS made a big difference in my clarity and in my creativity. I am able to put a little bit of ME in my day, before I dedicate it to clients, business tasks and the general busy-ness of life.

Maybe personal time in the morning is impossible because you need to soak up every last minute of shut-eye. So what works for you? A lunch time nap? A few stolen moments after the kids go to bed? How about a good old “space out” at any time of day?

The important thing is to make it a habit. Not only does this naturally build personal reflection time into your life routine, but helps you honor yourself on an on-going basis. Its critical to count yourself as an important element in your own life. If you do not make the time to honor you, why will anyone else?