How to Set 2012 Ablaze with your Awesomeness

2012, resolutions, sparkly awesomeness

Not literally with fireworks, wayward candles or unattended fondue pots, but fan it with the flames of your personal missions and desires. Those sparky little fireworks that ignite when you give them space and room to breathe, taking in oxygen and building flames of creative folly.

Instead of spazing over a series of resolutions for 2012 that you will never keep, just create and keep one. Give yourself permission to day dream and think bigger than any self-imposed limitations that have followed you throughout this past year. Don’t dig them up to reprocess them, just acknowledge any limiting thoughts, ideas and actions, thank them for their insight, and set fire to the rest — IN YOUR MIND of course. Or to the paper you write them on if you simply must get them all out in a literal fashion. Just remember, no dwelling, just acknowledging.

Now onto the fun part — getting to the ooey, gooey good stuff.

Ask yourself the biggest and most important question — Am I happy? When the lights are out, the computer is off, the kiddos are sleeping quietly and my mind is open and at rest, do I feel content, in alignment and happy with the direction my life is going? Leave behind what you think your answers SHOULD be. Kick them right back into the abyss.

Then just settle into the quiet, the nothingness, and listen to the clear, quality answers that bubble up when you are willing to open to the complete truth with yourself.

What better way to embrace a year of new beginnings than wishing the old ones adieu and leaving your heart, soul and mind open to all that you deeply desire? Sounds like the best possible idea — any time of year, actually.