Natural Momentum is a Free Creative Superpower

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Connecting with our unique natural momentum isn’t always…natural.


When the brain keeps diverting us to expectations, rules, and shoulds, the natural momentum of life and creative expression gets muted. Demands on the self and what we need to “force” can take over, while the heart’s desires become an afterthought, or seen as a frivolous luxury.


I wish I could say I’ve never let my brain take over and tell me how much better everything would be if I just FORCED myself to take that gig, review what went wrong in a relationship to “fix it”, or ignore much needed downtime. I would also be lying if I said I haven’t had to practice connecting with and listening to my own natural momentum in regards to my creative expression personally and professionally.


What I do know is that it took me some time to reconnect with and trust my creative voice, and stop giving what was lacking so much attention.


The way we learn to cope with what we lack is often what shifts our attention to chasing something rather than allowing it to grow. If we keep over analyzing and trying to force things, we remain distracted and unable to feel OK with being in between. This is how we miss out on allowing natural momentum to act as a free creative superpower, organically directing and reminding us of what IS working and flowing without any force at all.


Embracing a Neutral Viewpoint and Why It’s Essential


In a society where everything is measured and tagged for results, we forget natural momentum is a powerful engine, too. When we opt to follow what’s already working and let our heart open to the full expression of it, we also find more doors. More choices. Better connections. Innovative ideas. Powerful opportunities we could have never imagined.


Instead of working with proof and stats as to why something will or won’t work as a starting point, we can instead create from a core of excitement around something that really matters organically, and can keep that feeling going. Then when our creative flow is on a roll, apply structure and analytical thinking to see, feel, and understand all sides of something to shape it from a neutral place instead of a results-oriented one as a driving force from the get-go.


Another way our natural momentum can feel likes it’s fizzling is when dealing with the expectations and demands of day to day living. There will always be spoken (and unspoken) rules and structure about work and life. And when we step into our natural momentum we can see how to create space within those “rules” or change them altogether.


Those a-ha moments of change happen when we are open to listening to ourselves and the natural flow of things. It makes what isn’t working, and why, so much more obvious. It also casts a light on how to create change in a way that brings more flow and harmony, naturally.


Feel the Way and Then Add in Creative Thinking


In my work as a consultant and intuitive, I see how easily people shut down or dismiss where, and how, things are already flowing. They easily go all in on what’s broken and out of alignment between real life and their curated dream and timeline.


As a human with feelings, we absolutely have a right to be grumpy, pissed off and sulk, but it doesn’t help for us to stay there. Pushing, forcing, manipulating, and over thinking as daily activities push us to burn out, and before we know it, our body is screaming and we have no idea why.


What we do know is that our inner voice needs to be heard, reclaimed, and loved. And, we still have to back track all of those unprocessed emotions, except now they are just buried and harder to find. It’s up to us to take steps and end the battle between what feels natural and what feels frustrating on every level simply by starting to listen to the voice in our heart we were finding every possible way to mute.


There’s nothing more important right now than seeing and embracing what’s easy and natural. It’s truly our creative super power, and it’s free, directing us towards what we can’t fully see or understand yet, but helps us practice our self trust muscles rather than control tendencies.


The invitation in front of us all is to recognize and celebrate how life is gently showing us new paths by making other paths difficult. When you reach the point of “it’s not worth it”, really understand WHY you feel that way, and actively let it go, there’s a lot more free space to allow natural momentum to flow in and inspire the new.


Now, flowing with our natural momentum does not mean no work is required on our part to actively grow, learn, and build a life. It does mean worry about the “how” can melt away, as we foster trust in our feelings, and ourselves, to allow what’s unfolding to take up more space.


Can you let life help you realize and create little things just for the sake of it – by being part of the flow – instead of pushing towards one BIG thing? Or in other words, let the big thing reveal itself at the right time while you keep flowing towards what feels naturally good, easy, or happy, moment to moment?


Taking cues from natural momentum is how we create better. It’s also reminds us that “hard” or “hard won” doesn’t make the end result purer or better. Like anything else in life, it just means we had to work harder to reach our goal or make a life change.


Practice embracing the natural momentum in your life to see what wants to show up for you this season. I hope you are delightfully surprised!


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