I love connecting with people! Here are some folks who wanted to share how they felt about working with me. Please check out their sites as well — they are extremely talented, fabulous people. Yay client love!

Client love

Photo by gadi on Flickr

Clients Share How they Were Inspired By Our Creative Collaboration…


“I recently hired Katrina to help me with a sales page for a course I was really excited to teach.  I had rough copy, and I knew it needed some help.  The content of my course is my expertise, but not writing compelling sales pages.  I loved Katrina’s collaborative approach of asking me questions, tuning in to the message, supporting my mission, and tweaking the rough content, as well as adding a perspective I could not reach on my own. If writing is not your thing or you just want a wise and intuitive support person to bring your words to life, Katrina is your gal!” Cheri Valentine, Shamanic Healer and EFT Specialist for your Personal and Professional Success


“Katrina is an amazing woman and a true empath! She tuned in on what my needs were and helped me align with my true talents. Working with her has been an inspiration. Thanks for being a spiritual source of support in my journey. I am forever grateful! Yoli Valdes, Yoli Valdez, Graceful, Inspired, Balanced Living. 


“I needed help getting clarity around my new business concept. Katrina was able to give me the guidance and support I needed to move forward with confidence. Katrina also worked with me on writing the content for my website. She did an excellent job of taking my ideas and language and turning into something that was direct, creative and effective for my target audience. A great person with energy, integrity and skills.” Bryan Dennis, Dennis Consulting, LLC.


“I hired Katrina Pfannkuch when launching my own company, StoryForge. Katrina worked with me to create content for my company website and manage the overall content strategy, as well as provide me with training for writing, managing, and marketing my first blog. As a writer and historian myself, I was very impressed with Katrina’s ability to draft original content based on our initial consultation. She is an expert listener, as well as writer, with a keen ability to find the right tone and content that is unique and authentic for each client. I really enjoy the process of co-authoring original content, and have experienced only a small handful of writing collaborations in my career that have been as satisfying, productive, and fun as working with Katrina.” Maggie Dennis, StoryForge.


“Katrina helped me rekindle my passion for photography by understanding the true essence of ‘me’ and my love for the arts. She’s been supportive in listening, aiding and connecting me with opportunities in the community that have ultimately helped me develop my career path as a professional photographer. Because she is so connected in the community, she can help connect the dots for local business owners and really understands the market here in Northern Colorado. Creatively, Katrina has helped me hone in on how to use my inspirations and talents in a practical way that also honors my gifts, and has enabled me to take my business to a next level of success. I can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend her to anyone to is looking for the creative structure and guidance to build a successful business.” Danielle DeFiore of DeFiore Art.


“Katrina was a founding partner of Four Course Marketing and a tremendous asset in launching our collaborative business. Not only did she create compelling, creative copy for our website, but she was incredibly organized – always one step ahead of her game. Her foresight was a very valuable skill that she brought to the table. She was problem solving issues before we even came across them, and willing to tackle the difficult tasks, head on. Katrina helped lay an essential foundation for the future growth of Four Course Marketing.” Kristin Mastre, of Four Course Marketing and Feasting Fort Collins.


Student Feedback from the Igniting Creative Sparks Series, Winter 2014


“Lots of great ideas and tools to help focus creative energy and organic thoughts. It helped me gain clarity on what creative ideas I want to pursue and I really enjoyed the intimate setting as well as the discussions generated.” K.E.


“The creative tools are very useful and I see myself using them in the future. It’s good to hear other students talk about what they are dealing with, letting you know that you are all in the same boat with certain creative challenges.” R.V.


“I really appreciated the ideas on how to get more organized with my plans and how to get more focused.” Helen