Boost your Creative Process by Embracing the “Cracks”

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  At it’s core, the creative process is the ability to take ideas or concepts you are drawn to and combine them into a way to do anything. You can inspire, teach, heal, grow, play, connect with your purpose - the list is as long as the possibilities.   The creative process is also the ability to take disconnected ideas, frustrating situations and challenging relationships and turn them into something that does the exact - same - things.   How you use your gifts … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Rate the State of your Inner Creative Space

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  Bringing a creative spark into reality and flowing with your inspiration is so much easier when your inner creative space is healthy. Yet, so many of us carry around old hurts or fears as silent wounds that limit us from taking risks or dreaming big.   Just like clutter collects in a physical space, it’s easy to let things like embarrassment, frustration or disappointment collect in the nooks and crannies of your thoughts. When your mind and heart are plugged up by ghosts or … [Read more...]

Is Your Creative Voice Ready for a Change?

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  Your creative voice is distinct; unlike anyone else’s. You aren’t required to label yourself as an artist or define yourself as “creative” to have or use your creative voice, it’s simply how you express your inner essence. The voice is a natural part of you, whether you express it outwardly or not. When things get hard or confusing in your life, often unexpectedly, it can be more challenging to connect with or honor your creative voice in the same ways. You can feel smashed around, … [Read more...]

Attitude, Creative Mojo and the End of 2011

With just about a month left in 2011, people are all a flurry making holiday plans, buying gifts and finishing up year end projects. It’s the proverbial "time crunch" — busting ass to fit in every possible thing you pledged with your heart and soul to do before year end, but some how fell to the wayside. Creative mojo is replaced with a sense of obligation, and attitudes quickly shift to grouchy, irritated and rushed. Throw in family obligations, year end commitments and the looming thoughts … [Read more...]