Give Wings to What Needs to Be Released or Take Flight

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  As the energy of release continues with the bold, bright super moon , something even bigger is just over the horizon that's being illuminated in our hearts. You may feel it, sense it or even dream of it, as it tosses and turns in waves within, waiting to be seen or noticed. Or you may realize something is simply so uncomfortable that it must go, whatever the cost.    Welcome to the precipice of death and rebirth; the edge of intuition and reason.    The … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Glide Through a Creative Dry Spell

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  A creative dry spell is a blessing. Truly. When your mind is swirling but can’t land on something that feels right, you are getting insight on your creative state-of-heart. If the path you’re on no longer lights you up, it’s a sign a little down time can help you get re-centered and make a shift into what’s on it’s way into your life next.  Most importantly a creative dry spell can also show you that you are ready to expand into something bigger than you feel prepared to take … [Read more...]

What’s Your Biggest Obstacle to Creative Wholeness?

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As I wander through the energy of this last month of the year, playing with glints of inspiration, my mind is also drawn to the places where I feel a lack creative wholeness. It can be a project or relationship that seems a bit unsettled, other times it’s my personal self-discovery work that’s still a bit scratchy around the edges. This uneasy feeling can create a need for me to “push” in some way to reach an imaginary goal. That's when I realized the word creative wholeness perfectly describes … [Read more...]

Throw Out What you Think you Know and Embrace Renewal

Each spring the human race feels compelled to wash windows, clean out closets and give our home the once over. The cathartic act of physical cleaning is peaceful in its own way, helping us slough off winter energy and prepare for a fiery new spring adventure among the tweeting birds and budding trees. It’s instinctual. In spring we also feel a renewed sense of wanting to "get moving." We don’t always know why or where we’re headed, but it’s a very deep desire to shake things up and get on the … [Read more...]