Myths About Creative Mastery: Which Ones Do You Believe and Practice?

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  The idea of creative mastery is undergoing a revolution - and it's all thanks to the connective power of the internet.   Inspiring ideas, connections and technologies are helping jump start new industries, collaborations and problem solving techniques. You can find love, an audience and a sense of belonging. More than ever people want to tap into their true selves, then express and share their creative gifts. This shift is transforming how we define, value and measure … [Read more...]

Dreaming With the E-Brake On: How We Unknowingly Limit Creative Options

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  How do you define creative options for yourself?   As possibilities you hold in your heart?  Clear choices out on the table? Hobbies and weekend passions that spark creativity? A list of alternatives that serve as a back-up to well-orchestrated plans?   Or is it expressed as an automatic gut-inspired choice?   While there's no “one” way to see and act on the creative options in front of you, there's a well-worn way you often go about it - and your … [Read more...]

Dancing With the Dynamic of Being Practical and Staying Open-Hearted

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  When you really boil it down, it's easy to think of life as a dance between being practical and staying open-hearted.   You can twist yourself up in knots trying to find out the “right”, “best” or approved” way of doing something. Maybe even strategize ways to avoid pain, people or situations using a practical state-of-mind.   Yet, people are inherently heart-centric - even though they don’t always admit it. The state of your heart influences decisions, … [Read more...]

Desires, Soul Callings and How Time and Timing Shapes Them

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Do you listen to your desires and soul callings? I mean really listen to their texture and nuances?   What do they feel, smell and sound like? Can you see yourself acting on them, or are they simply a fantasy to play with when you are bored?   Do you feel there is a right time for them, and trust you will know when that time is?   The really cool part about desires and soul callings is that they serve as option placeholders. They are a way to express yourself, … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Freedom to be your True Creative Self

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Get inspired by the July 4th holiday this week and celebrate the spirit of freedom - just by being your beautiful creative self! No matter where you live in the world, my hope is that you use this reminder as a way to honor creativity and freedom of self-expression in some way, shape or form.   It's the yearning for a new way, a deeper, more honest expression that inspires the creative spirit to move towards a path where it can be freely shared and reflect the true light within you. … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Stop Looking for Proof of Your Creative Chops

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People always enjoy a good origin story around how we've earned our creative chops. It's a way to connect, compare or anchor in a sense of belonging with each other.   From a different perspective, creative chops act as a barometer and measure of our uniqueness; proof we are special and matter.   Yet, when we place these perspectives aside, how do we define legit creative chops? Is it an action, way of thinking or skill set? Is it a mysterious blend of natural talent, … [Read more...]

Solstice Energy and Finding your Seasonal Creative Groove

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  No matter where you are in the world, the solstice inspires a big shift in your creative groove. It’s a powerful marker of endings and new beginnings. You can feel it in your bones, sense it on your skin and anticipate the freshness of something different as you say goodbye and let go.   In this space of releasing the grip of an old season and birthing something new, it’s important to actually breathe into what you are feeling and connect with it. What’s exciting or worn … [Read more...]

What Motivates your Creative Voice? 5 Ways to Find Out

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  Our creative voice is a lively blend of beliefs, fears, experiences, creative tension and the choices we make along the way - all rolled into one. This mixture of chaos and beauty helps us dig in to find our truth and ways to share it.   In the middle of all these moving parts, it can be hard to pinpoint your true creative motivation. Motivation is a feeling that inspires a heart-felt or idealistic way to take action, as much as it’s sparked by the need to change or expand … [Read more...]

Discovering the Core Needs of Your Creative Soul

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  Creativity is the act of envisioning something new, taking tactical steps to build the vision you see, and listening to the intuitive guidance of your creative soul - all as one combined effort.   The action aspect of creativity is often where people focus because it’s more results-oriented and tangible. We can see the fruits of our labor and receive feedback from the external world to validate or influence how we see our own creations and in some ways, measure our … [Read more...]

Crown Chakra: Creative Infinity and Rebirth

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  The crown chakra is our connection to cosmic energy and creative inspiration beyond what we can “see” in reality. When we awaken this chakra located at the top of our head, we become one with the divine, opening a gateway that connects us to higher dimensions, expansive insights and an experience of pure joy without judgment or expectations.   We also connect with a sense of peace and calm. We feel an inner knowing that as creative beings, we can play with what’s possible … [Read more...]