What Would You Create If Time Didn’t Matter?

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  I don’t know about you, but the element of time definitely plays a role in what I choose to create.   It takes time to connect with an idea and it’s possibilities, gather resources and shift into “creative mode”. In addition, creativity requires us to feel like it’s “worth it" to start on a project and consistently follow through until it’s finished, whether it’s for yourself or a client.   And there’s also that perfection part of us that can slip in, wondering … [Read more...]

Routines and Why you Can Stop Longing for “the” Creative Zap

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  Routines and the seemingly elusive creative zap of inspiration you long for do co-exist.   Really, they do.   Actually noticing the creative zap is about your perspective from within the routine.   It’s not about completely changing what you do and who you are, but being willing to look at where your routines are more protective than supportive, more evasive than empowering.   Do you understand why you do it "your" way?   Look at … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Identify your Creative Crutch

creative crutch, comfort zone, limitation

  Sometimes a creative block isn’t really a block as much as a worn out creative crutch. It may seem harmless, just part of your routine, but it can also be the reason you feel too comfortable, unwilling to stretch beyond your comfort zone.   A creative crutch serves as a very effective distraction that straddles the line between contentment and limitation. It keeps things moving along in ways you know, in the familiar grooves and patterns. The tricky part is that just beyond … [Read more...]

Can you Tell when Judgment Creep Snuffs Out your Creative Spark?

  Have you ever dealt with judgement creep? It’s the naggy, negative self-talk that drips with comments about unmet expectations and snuffs out your creative spark.   On the low end of the spectrum, judgement creeps starts out as a subtle sense that some of your creative projects or work feels “off”. You are unsatisfied with what you’ve created or place your focus on “getting it right” next time. It may take a little time, but after some space you can see the value in your … [Read more...]

Move Past Judgment and Find Truth

Jumping to conclusions is a human pass time. We all do it, and it’s pretty easy to get there fast. I learned to do it at a very young age, and have spent the last five years reducing that reaction to an occasional slip up. I see so many people around me doing it for sport like there’s no tomorrow. In my younger years I thought it was just how people were supposed to act — it was what I saw everyone else doing. Now I just see right to the heart of what these judgments really reveal — … [Read more...]