Embrace Unpredictable Energy to Create Something New

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  Embracing unpredictable energy feels invigorating and terrifying all at the same time. The uncomfortable mesh of sensations is a rush that can knock your root chakra off it’s axis, leaving you feeling ungrounded and out of sorts. As a result you may feel unsure about, well, pretty much everything - including how to process it all.   Little out-of-the-blue synchronicities or big sudden changes can have the same physical, emotional and spiritual impact, sending the mind into … [Read more...]

Check It! Habits and Boundaries

People strive for safety. It drives most if not all our choices, even at the most subconscious of levels, and soon turns into habit. This inherent desire to be comfy, safe and protect ourselves is very instinctual and seems relatively harmless, but can easily transition into a block or challenge in various areas of life. In my work as a writer and healer, time after time I see people who have no idea that their habits and personal boundaries may be causing limitations or frustrations in their … [Read more...]

Rituals Make You a Better Person

As the cold weather creeps into Colorado, the smell of damp leaves and chill in the air gives me a feeling of going back to school. It happens every year, without fail. Since I have stopped taking the yellow school bus and ditched the boring math classes, I still find the need to settle into a routine to carry me through the chillier months. It helps me get grounded, focused and feel directed, just like going back to school used to be in the fall. With no teachers to set the ground rules … [Read more...]