Mindfulness and Crafting a Creative Self-Care Practice

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  Mindfulness is a key part of a creative self-care practice. Nourishing your inner spark is a mental act as much as it is an emotional and spiritual one, offering up the opportunity for you to honor, expand and be in the flow of your creative gift moment to moment.   Yet, “minding” the way you talk to yourself and the choices you make, especially during the holiday season, can be a bit challenging to put into action.   Between personal holiday commitments and the need … [Read more...]

Embrace Unpredictable Energy to Create Something New

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  Embracing unpredictable energy feels invigorating and terrifying all at the same time. The uncomfortable mesh of sensations is a rush that can knock your root chakra off it’s axis, leaving you feeling ungrounded and out of sorts. As a result you may feel unsure about, well, pretty much everything - including how to process it all.   Little out-of-the-blue synchronicities or big sudden changes can have the same physical, emotional and spiritual impact, sending the mind into … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Flip the Script on Limitation and Turn it into Inspiration

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  It’s no secret that seeing a limitation in life is sometimes easier than seeing what’s possible. When old mental patterns team up with ego and fear, the power of what you want can seem too far away and impossible to reach.   However, limitations like a health challenge, lost opportunity, broken relationship or difficulty in reaching a certain level of achievement are all common human experiences. The personal stories created as part of the journey to overcome what’s … [Read more...]

Expressing Gratitude is Part of Honoring Hard Work

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  The energy and effort that goes into creativity and self-growth is equally important to the gratitude you voice for yourself and others along the way.   When you take a few deep breaths and a mindful pause in deep gratitude, you: Recenter within the positive energy of what you've accomplished Gain clarity around how you feel about what you've created Understand where intuition is guiding you next, and follow it with ease   A moment of stillness also … [Read more...]

Are you a Creative Dabbler? Why it’s Not a Dirty Word

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  The term creative dabbler sounds a bit slippery. Almost like an anti-definition or non-committal “yes” hanging out in the ether as a potential rather than an action.   The idea of being defined as a creative dabbler can also elicit strong emotional reactions within people who see it as a put down or reminder that certain talents are still only living possibilities.   In the most general sense, a dabbler is someone who tries lots of things. Sometimes interests and … [Read more...]

Creative Expression Mirrors the Health of your Personal Power Connection

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  Personal power is creative expression in action.  Art, innovation, leadership, healing, cooking - the number of possible expressions is endless and you are free to explore them all.   However, the act of creating is only one step of the whole creation process.   To take an idea into action you must first tap into your personal power, which is deeply affected by how safe, strong and willing  you feel to express yourself. In other words, the quality of what you … [Read more...]

Dreaming With the E-Brake On: How We Unknowingly Limit Creative Options

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  How do you define creative options for yourself?   As possibilities you hold in your heart?  Clear choices out on the table? Hobbies and weekend passions that spark creativity? A list of alternatives that serve as a back-up to well-orchestrated plans?   Or is it expressed as an automatic gut-inspired choice?   While there's no “one” way to see and act on the creative options in front of you, there's a well-worn way you often go about it - and your … [Read more...]

Birthday Week Break

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  As a gift to myself, I'm taking a birthday week break!   I always use my birthday, (the 25th), as a time to go deeper and reflect. I sit with the energy of my life and consider what I want to release or create in the year ahead. I also take time to celebrate what I've created so far.   By taking the time to honor all aspects of myself and what I've experienced, learned or discovered, a really great awareness emerges. I get clearer on what matters, and I'm able to … [Read more...]

Dancing With the Dynamic of Being Practical and Staying Open-Hearted

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  When you really boil it down, it's easy to think of life as a dance between being practical and staying open-hearted.   You can twist yourself up in knots trying to find out the “right”, “best” or approved” way of doing something. Maybe even strategize ways to avoid pain, people or situations using a practical state-of-mind.   Yet, people are inherently heart-centric - even though they don’t always admit it. The state of your heart influences decisions, … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Freedom to be your True Creative Self

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Get inspired by the July 4th holiday this week and celebrate the spirit of freedom - just by being your beautiful creative self! No matter where you live in the world, my hope is that you use this reminder as a way to honor creativity and freedom of self-expression in some way, shape or form.   It's the yearning for a new way, a deeper, more honest expression that inspires the creative spirit to move towards a path where it can be freely shared and reflect the true light within you. … [Read more...]