Making it Through a Creative Desert to the Other Side

  It takes guts to admit when we are in the middle of a creative desert, especially if we aren’t sure how to get out of it to the other side.    The experience can start out innocently enough. Distractions become more engaging than looking at what’s “dried up”, and why. Drama inflicted by others takes on a new level of importance, and there’s always lots of excuses about timing and inspiration. We might also focus on what isn’t working to a fault, instead of what we can cr … [Read more...]

Heal the Survival Self, Dream With the Thriving Self

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  What part of you wants to create and allows yourself to dream - the survival self or the thriving self?   It’s an important question to ask.   The creative dreams, goals and hopes we hold dear are clearly connected to an aspect within us. So the question becomes, is the impulse to create coming from a place of pure joy (thriving self), or a place of safety (survival self)? Are you willing to hear the answer?   To find out, it helps to get a clearer u … [Read more...]

Why It’s Time to Embrace the Unsexy Parts of Self-Expression and Creativity

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  A flash of insight, the burning desire to create and an outpouring of deep, honest self-expression are definitely part of the creative process.   Also part of creativity...long hours, doubt, frustration, mundane tasks, starting over and feeling like you don’t know your own voice. This is not a bad thing, it’s just It's so much easier to live in the dreamy part of your vision!   Yet, embracing the unsexy parts of self-expression leads to more honest cre … [Read more...]

The Ego, Creative Identity, and Tuning into a Healthy Balance

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  The evolution of your creative identity is one of the most fun aspects of being human. You get to experiment, play and build something, over and over, in new ways. There are opportunities for healing through self-expression, and chances to bust out of a comfort zone and really test your potential.   On the flip side, you have an ego with basic human needs that wants validation, a sense of connection and safety.   To balance these forces within you takes a … [Read more...]

Noticing When Comfort Lulls you into Making Imbalanced Creative Compromises

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To find your rhythm in life and connect with what you feel is your true creative vibe is one of the things we strive for most as human beings.   The search for a truthful process of self-expression that’s real and fulfills the need within you to be heard and truly seen can provide validation that you matter, that your contribution matters to someone, somewhere. This instant jet fuel for the creative spirit is a wonderful motivator and co-conspirator, helping you feel alive and i … [Read more...]

Ditch Energetic Scatter and Root Down with One Creative Step Forward

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  When you have a big dream it’s not always easy to buckle down and focus on a single aspect of it, one creative step at a time. The rush of emotions and excitement you feel when connecting with your vision can feel intoxicating and delicious, like it alone can feed you for months to come.   The haze of excitement is a great kick-off fuel that motivates you to go all in, but what about the little actions that make a creative project a reality? What about the grounding steps y … [Read more...]

Creative Zen: Releasing Attachment to How your Creativity Pays Off

creative zen, creativity, release, attachment

  Creative zen can encompass many things. A sense of peace and calm as you create from the heart. Blending the powers of body and mind in the present moment to create with your whole sense of self. Tuning in and staying aware of your own thoughts to really “be” in the flow. All of these things (and so many more) enable you to tap into the essence of what you feel drawn to create and the ways you want to express yourself.   Yet, this maybe a bit trickier to manage when making a … [Read more...]

Embracing the Sacred Act of Creative Integration

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  As a creative being you are always evolving towards a desire for creative integration, even if you aren’t fully aware of it.   You build skills, likes and dislikes, creative desires, experiences (good and bad) and aspirations throughout your life, collecting them like actual objects in your mind and heart. Each separate feeling, experience, memory and skill is part of your personal development, and creates an “energetic hit” for you in some way. The sensation may be posit … [Read more...]

The Active Balance of Striving for and Celebrating Creative Milestones

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  How you set and work towards creative milestones can be an interesting little window into how you think and treat yourself. It’s also a way to get some insight on the cause of a recurring creative block in your life.   Are you often making big grand plans that feel right, then focus on how fast they are (or aren’t) happening rather than the creative joy you are experiencing or the lessons you are learning? I’ve been there, done that.   Is it hard for you to be pati … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 4 Ways to Grow your Creative Wealth

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  Creative wealth is such an interesting resource to play with throughout your life. As a kid you have tons of it. Imagination flows with ease and you go where inspiration takes you. There are no limitations and creative energy is always present.   As you grow up, things start to get serious. The creative wealth you generated without even trying starts to feel like work and fear can hold you back from embracing change. You forget you have unique creative gifts and abilities … [Read more...]