Desires, Soul Callings and How Time and Timing Shapes Them

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Do you listen to your desires and soul callings? I mean really listen to their texture and nuances?


What do they feel, smell and sound like? Can you see yourself acting on them, or are they simply a fantasy to play with when you are bored?


Do you feel there is a right time for them, and trust you will know when that time is?


The really cool part about desires and soul callings is that they serve as option placeholders. They are a way to express yourself, follow a path that helps you grow (or not) and gives you a reason to wake up, connect with others, create, learn and try new things.


So what does time have to do with your soul callings and how you connect with them successfully?


Well, the way you feel about time has a lot to do with how you can be present with what is unfolding and understand, from a heart-centered place, that it’s all part of a path we cannot plan.


Time, Timing and the Way it Influences How We View Our Path and Abilities


time, timing, soul callings, desire, creativity, clock


As a civilization, we focus a lot on the power of time. But what about the concept of timing?


Timing is a feeling, “sign” and (sometimes) an intuitively clear number. Timing is a sense that an idea, move or action is of the essence, or that it’s best to hang back and go within. It’s personal and subjective. Your intuitive nature helps you navigate this aspect of “right timing” with clearer certainty so you can act on things that feel right, or be as present as possible with what unfolds – even if you don’t like or understand it.


When looking at the intuitive nature of timing, it absolutely goes hand in hand with trusting yourself, first. You have to hear or intuit a message, feel it’s power, agree to mentally act on it, muster the emotional strength and physical gumption to make it happen – then be patient as it all unfolds. Not always such an easy task!


No wonder living with the intuitive playfulness of an idea can feel more rewarding than the execution. The anticipation of taking flight, the energy of possibility, can keep you fresh and alert, dreaming of the outcome without any risk or hard work. The illusion of your desires and soul callings is also easy to control, because it has no time limit or right timing. 


In your mind’s eye you see what you want. Fears may be felt, but are not realized. Pure creative anticipation keeps you juiced and ready, while you play with characters and outcomes.


Yet, an idea or soul calling that stays a desire can begin to fade out at some point.


Its’ passion wanes as our mind exhausts all the options and what-ifs. When the action is nothing but mental, you can choose to:

  • Slip into regret and sadness
  • Elect not to doing anything


  • Come to the realization that an idea, desire or soul calling has reached it’s life span and time limit, as it was intended.


To make way for other things that resonate on a deeper level, some desires and soul callings must fall to the side. They have, however, served a very powerful purpose as part of your practice and growth.


Desire and Growth as Co-Creators


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Desire and growth are very powerful co-creative partners. They provide fuel that calls on the mind, body, spirit, love and sheer will – all at the same time.


When you reflect on the past you can see what you’ve learned, and how it shapes new desires in a variety of ways. Moving forward you can more clearly see:


  • Are you choosing with fear or love?
  • Do you trust you will know when the time is right?
  • Can you be OK with trying something that flops, even though the timing seemed right at the moment?
  • Are you driven to achieve something for the right reasons?
  • Is there a deep desire that still inspires you, and is it coming from a place of love or obligation?


In the big picture, the idea of time is not more or less important than anything else. You just need to understand the power you give time vs timing.


The more you can practice understanding and learning the language of your personal timing and how it feels in your heart, you will know what to do and trust yourself – even when things seem to conspire against you. You will also intuitively feel into how your self-expression always points to where desire meets growth, and muster up the energy be with what’s unfolding – no matter the outcome.


What are some ways you’ve learned to work with the idea of time and timing when it comes to expressing or realizing your desires and soul callings?


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