Dancing With the Dynamic of Being Practical and Staying Open-Hearted

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When you really boil it down, it’s easy to think of life as a dance between being practical and staying open-hearted.


You can twist yourself up in knots trying to find out the “right”, “best” or approved” way of doing something. Maybe even strategize ways to avoid pain, people or situations using a practical state-of-mind.


Yet, people are inherently heart-centric – even though they don’t always admit it. The state of your heart influences decisions, connections and judgments as much as any practical thinking or approach.


So why is the power of an open heart often left out of the mix in favor of what’s practical?


Well, the heart can get hurt, and it’s easy to blame your “openness” when feeling fearful, lost or confused.


However, as a society we have forgotten the true meaning of open-hearted.


By definition, open-hearted is:

  • Unreserved, candid or frank
  • Kindly and benevolent


It does not mean overly emotional, vulnerable or soft – although these characteristics influence how you treat yourself and see the world because it’s part of what makes you human.


Managing the Realities of an Open Heart


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Opening your heart does mean at times you may get hurt. Dreams may never become what we desire. The people in your life leave and disappoint you. It’s also the same space where you can overcome fear, create something you never thought possible and be surprised by the people in your life.


Staying open-hearted through it all is where you invite in possibility and creative inspiration, merely by staying with your truth. It’s the biggest opportunity for creative potential because you open yourself up to something rather than staying stuck in an overly emotional or mental space, or entrenched in old patterns.


When you look at things more deeply, what you define as “practical” may actually be the open-hearted choice. They are not necessarily opposites nor should they be. Yet, there are times when acting on what seems practical cuts you off from your heart and what it wants.


This is when dancing between how we define a practical idea or action is what’s really under fire. Not the action itself.


Discernment and the Dance


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The next time you think you know the most practical choice, ask yourself why you believe it to be true. When the next heart-challenging situation arises, do the same. Use discernment, step back and take a deeper look between the cracks, crevices and surface feelings to find the clarity or “candid” point of view.


Being honest, clear and frank with yourself or others in a kind, non-judgmental way is the path to truly being open-hearted. You are also expressing deep, soul-inspired honesty in a style that’s both clear and judgment-free. To me, that is the most practical, no-nonsense choice of all.


This mindset opens possibilities to play with and explore, allowing you to freely dive into the dance of self-discovery and find true meaning in each moment and life experience for yourself. It’s how you start to radiate joy from the inside out.


Deep discernment and clarity also allows you to call in the practical aspects of your being to help you move closer to the horizon of creating and “be-ing” in a way that’s truly free in the present moment.


What do you think? What ways are you challenged with allowing yourself to be open-hearted and honest so you can get to the essence of your creative desires and what’s true for you?


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