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Here’s my show and tell! If you want to see where I’m published beyond this website and the fun ways I share my passion for creativity and mindfulness, here you go:


  • To kick off 2017 with a bang, I’m adding a columnist gig to my plate! I will be a contributing writer for Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman for the entire year. My specific area of focus will be on creativity, self-discovery and personal transformation. A quick link to my article each month is featured just under the cover image.


sibyl magazine, creative katrina, denial tactics, challenges

November Article: Challenges, Truth and Denial Tactics



Sibyl Magazine, October, Creative Katrina, perfectionism

October Article: The Hidden Gift in Perfectionism 

OCTOBER 2017 _ SIBYL MAGAZINECreativeKatrina


Creative Katrina, Sibyl Magazine, September issue

September Article: Managing Fear of Missing Out



Sibyl Magazine, August, Time to Break the Rules, Creative Katrina

August Article: Time to Break Your Rules 

AUGUST 2017 – CreativeKatrina SIBYL MAGAZINE


July, Sibyl Magazine, Creative Katrina, Why

July Article: Let Your “Why” Unfold Daily

2017 Creative Katrina SIBYL MAGAZINE


June, Sibyl Magazine, Creative Katrina, Self-Discovery

June Article: Step Up Your Compassion Game 

JUNE 2017 Creative Katrina SibylMagazine


Sibyl Magazine, Creative Katrina, feature article , self discovery

May Article: Catching Sneaky Comparison Tendencies 

MAY 2017 SIBYL MAGAZINECreativeKatrina


Sibyl Magazine, Creative Katrina, self-discovery, podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment, creativity

April Article: Uncertainty Opens the Heart Anew 

APRIL 2017 SIBYL MAGAZINE CreativeKatrina


Sibyl Magazine March 2017

March Article: Befriend Emotional Clutter To Bloom 

MARCH 2017 SIBYL MAGAZINE CreativeKatrina


Sibyl Magazine, February, Creative Katrina, creativity, article

February Article: Challenge Patterns, Challenge Your Truth 

FEBRUARY 2017 SIBYL CreativeKatrina



SibylMagazine, January, creative katrina, creativity, transformation

January article on Creative Confidence: 



  • I was delighted to meet and connect with Jade Inspiration and join her for her Right on Baby Podcast. We talked about Cures for Creative Blocks and 3 simple step process to help you move through them, no matter the cause. Jade is such a lively creative spark herself, and it was a real treat spending time with her. Be sure to check out other episodes too – she has fantastic guests!


  • It was so fun being a guest on Clearing the Clutter Inside and Out. You can check out the podcast as we talk about how clutter hampers creativity. Episode 66.


An honor to be included as a contributing author and share my insights on how to bring more creativity into your brainstorming and work.




Other Places you Can Catch my Writing 


I also write about creativity, content strategy and digital marketing for Kapost. Here are some samples: 

10 Stats on Creativity that Will Change the Way you Do Business 

10 Stats that Will Impact Your 2015 Content Strategy 

10 Stats on Why Blog Content Can Be As Valuable (or More) Than Ads

8 Stats on Podcasting, the Dark Horse of Online Marketing 

10 Stats on Productivity and Being More Creative at Work 

The Psychological Reasons People Don’t Share Ideas 

5 Ways to Bring More Creativity to your Brainstorming and Kick-Start the Flow of Ideas

How to Take an Idea and Make it Real 

Empowering your Team by Giving Credit to Good Ideas  


Additional articles from a mix of publications: 

Spiritual Marketing Ideas

How to Use Empathy in Interviewing 

Different Ideas for Self Promotion and Marketing 


Google Hangout On Air Appearances

Show: Thinking Out Loud (co-host) 


Episode Samples:

Thinking Out Loud, Your Core Values vs. Decisions with Tim Brownson

Thinking Out Loud, Are Solopreneurs Really Solo? 

Thinking Out Loud, Johann Gauthier, A Joyful Workplace is Possible 


Show: Connections Forum for Relationships, Expression and Healing

Episode:  “What Makes your Voice Count”.