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Heal creative blocks, get focused, move past doubt & connect with your true voice to live a more creative, purposeful life, starting now.
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True creativity is more than raw talent - it's feeling the freedom to be your natural self in all you do. Sounds simple, but when you begin to feel stuck, frustrated or unclear with what you are creating in your life or business, it feels anything but simple to change.

To get clear on your path and move through transition, it's essential to reconnect with what you really want and need to feel like your full, natural, expressive self again. I help you get there.

How I help you bust through creative blocks and self-doubt, fire up creativity and heal:

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Creative Insights from the Blog

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Nurturing the Creative Spirit in the Face of Criticism and Self-Judgment

The essence of your creative spirit is eternal. It’s a natural flow that moves through you; an effortless presence that doesn’t require work…until you add in criticism and self-judgment.   These emotional and/or mental blocks take away the power of the creative spirit and all it offers, leaving you with doubt and fear of what’s […]

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Tuning into the Energy of your Creative Path Each Day

  The creative path is an alluring distraction, passion-igniter, personal development tool, friend and more, all wrapped into one.   When you need a break from the pace of life your creative path is there, imagination sparked and ready. As a healthy distraction, it serves to replenish and balance your mind, body and spirit as you […]

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To Fulfill your True Purpose, Freely Share the Power of your Creative Light

  The creative light within every person has a purpose. It’s a way to experience personal joy and fulfillment by fully expressing your unique traits in the world. The other essential aspect of your creative light is how it enables you to connect with others and share freely, so you may each directly experience gifts you don’t have personally. […]