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Heal creative blocks, get focused, move past doubt & connect with your true voice to live a more creative, purposeful life, starting now.
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True creativity is more than raw talent - it's feeling the freedom to be your natural self in all you do. Sounds simple, but when you begin to feel stuck, frustrated or unclear with what you are creating in your life or business, it feels anything but simple to change.

To get clear on your path and move through transition, it's essential to reconnect with what you really want and need to feel like your full, natural, expressive self again. I help you get there.

How I help you bust through creative blocks and self-doubt, fire up creativity and heal:

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Creative Insights from the Blog

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Savor the Moment to Enhance Creative Awareness

  Creative awareness isn’t something you do as much as something you experience by being able to savor the moment you are in, right now.   When you go about the day, your senses function on a basic level to help you survive, work, take care of family and fuel the body. If you also […]

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Listening to Creative Whispers is Playful Edge-Stretching

  The little creative whispers you hear in the back of your mind or feel in your heart are a powerful siren song, calling you to stretch into new experiences. These playful invitations are like breadcrumbs that show you more is possible, and also help bring a budding or hidden desire to the surface for playful […]

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Falling Down Can Be the Best Creative Learning

  The most potent creative learning comes through when you are challenged in unexpected ways.   The times when what was easy becomes hard, more complicated or seems near impossible, it takes determination to see past the loss of what you’ve come to know; to embrace a way to do life differently and still feel creative. […]