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Heal creative blocks, get focused, move past doubt & connect with your true voice to live a more creative, purposeful life, starting now.
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True creativity is more than raw talent - it's feeling the freedom to be your natural self in all you do. Sounds simple, but when you begin to feel stuck, frustrated or unclear about what you are creating in your life or business, it feels anything but simple to change to something that feels in alignment.

To get clear on your path and move through transition, it's essential to reconnect with what you really want and need to feel like your full, natural, expressive self again. I help you get there.

How I help you bust through creative blocks and self-doubt, fire up creativity and heal:

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Creative Insights from the Blog

creativity, power of smell, intuition

Inspirational Power of Smell: Part 2 of Ways to Tap into Intuition and Spark Creativity

  The power smell has over us, our intuition and creativity is quite remarkable. It can evoke good and bad memories, feelings of fear or comfort, spark initial gut insights about someone or transport us to another time and place.   What we “smell” can also lead us towards something or away from it, and […]

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Simple Ways to Tap into Intuition and Spark Creativity Blog Series: Part 1

  I believe creativity and intuition are different aspects of the same energy. They feed each other like an infinite loop, each sparking or calming one another as they play together.   When creativity is low, our connection to intuition can be closed off. When our intuition feels strange or ungrounded, we get judgy about what […]

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Learn to Spot Your Distraction Tactics and Transform them into Creative Gifts

  Every single one of us has personal distraction tactics; the little things we do intentionally take our attention away from the task or issue at hand. Harmless in intention, our go-to distraction tactics are just like personality traits – unique to every person. They also tell us more about ourselves than we think.   […]