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Heal creative blocks, get focused, move past doubt & connect with your true voice to live a more creative, purposeful life, starting now.
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True creativity is more than raw talent - it's feeling the freedom to be your natural self in all you do. Sounds simple, but when you begin to feel stuck, frustrated or unclear with what you are creating in your life or business, it feels anything but simple to change.

To get clear on your path and move through transition, it's essential to reconnect with what you really want and need to feel like your full, natural, expressive self again. I help you get there.

How I help you bust through creative blocks and self-doubt, fire up creativity and heal:

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Creative Insights from the Blog

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Creative Rejuvenation and Mini Blogging Break for Creative Katrina

  It’s time for me to take a mini-break and step away from my blog for a bit of rest, relaxation and creative rejuvenation.   If you are looking for a little inspiration about “breaks” here are some posts that can tide you over:   Focus on Small Tweaks to Break New Creative Ground Break […]

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Creative Inspiration is Sparked by your Attitude

  Creative inspiration, or lack there of, has everything to do with your attitude in the moment.   When you remain open minded and keep reaching toward what aligns with your inner guidance, you create space to be surprised and heart-inspired.  Any nuance can be the spark that gets you into a playful state of mind. […]

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Seeing the True Value of your Talent Through your Own Eyes and Heart

  It’s easy to use other people’s “lenses” to assess the value of your talent. We each grow up modeling a set of values shared by friends and family that inadvertently define what having a talent really means and it’s importance in the world.   There’s also a societal push to force a talent into […]