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Heal creative blocks, get focused, move past doubt & connect with your true voice to live a more creative, purposeful life, starting now.
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True creativity is more than raw talent - it's feeling the freedom to be your natural self in all you do. Sounds simple, but when you begin to feel stuck, frustrated or unclear about what you are creating in your life or business, it feels anything but simple to change to something that feels in alignment.

To get clear on your path and move through transition, it's essential to reconnect with what you really want and need to feel like your full, natural, expressive self again. I help you get there.

How I help you bust through creative blocks and self-doubt, fire up creativity and heal:

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Creative Insights from the Blog

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Creative Confusion and Finding your New Center

Creative confusion makes it easy to get stuck in your head, going in circles. Every option seems like the best choice, or, you think yourself out of every possible way forward so you stay right where you are.   Feeling creative confusion can also make it challenging to trust your intuition and emotions, enticing you […]

creative, creativity, courage, standing in your power

Listen to your Creative Calling, Even if it Feels Like you are Standing Alone

  The brave choice to follow your unique creative calling and step into your true self doesn’t always feel natural. It can seem like you are standing at the edge of a cliff, waiting to see if you can spot someone, anyone, who can possibly relate to where you’ve been and where you want to […]

creative, creativity, mindfulness, white lies

Creativity and Little White Lies: Which Ones Are You Telling Yourself?

  It’s easy to take your natural creativity and skills for granted. As something that flows for you, there’s little risk and limited effort required to keep it going, and even less of a reason to put extra energy into it.   However, when natural aptitudes keep you in a plateau, operating at a status […]